To provide a better download experience and offload bandwidth and hosting charges from the project, our main downloads (releases and installers) are distributed over a global network of volunteer mirror servers. The project is always interesting in adding new mirrors to our pool, and we welcome offers of assistance!

If you would like to help, you should:

  • Be an experienced provider of mirroring services

  • Be able to sync with a frequency between 1-12 hours

  • Be able to handle at least 100Mbit/sec of traffic with no bandwidth limits

  • Be able to mirror for a long term period (years)

The majority of existing mirrors are Telco's, ISP's or Universities, and whilst this is not a fixed requirement, they are our preferred mirror partners as we need to trust the provider.

If you meet the criteria above please drop an email with the offer to mirrors@libreelec.tv

Rsync Details


Current Mirrors

Live Statistics

Mirrorbits supports detailed statistics on downloads and available mirrors. This information can be accessed by appending ?mirrorstats or ?mirrorlist to the download URL, e.g.



Global mirror statistics can be found here: https://releases.libreelec.tv/mirrorstats

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