Since Kodi v17 LCD/VFD displays are supported through the LCDProc add-on which must be installed from the Kodi add-on repo. See script.xbmc.lcdproc/wiki for documentation and LCD.xml.defaults for a sample file, and the LCDProc add-on support thread in Kodi forums.


The /storage/.kodi/userdata/LCD.xml file can be created to customise output to an LCD or VFD display. It contains "content" sections that describe how the display will look:

  • <Navigation> is used for navigation in menus

  • <Music> is used when listening to music

  • <Video> is used when watching videos

  • <Tvshow> is used when watching videos classified as TV shows

  • <General> is used when there is no activity

Each section contains <line> items representing one physical line on the display. Lines scroll horizontally if display text is longer than display width. The display cannot scroll vertically so if you configure five lines on a four line display the fifth line will not show. If there is no value for an Infolabel the line on the LCD/VFD display will be empty and the next line is displayed to avoid empty lines on the display. The file also contains display properties, e.g.

  • <disableonplay>video</disableonplay> disables the display during video playback

  • <disableonplay>music</disableonplay> disables the display during music playback

  • <disableonplay>video,music</disableonplay> disables the display for video and music

For example, the following configuration:

  <line>$INFO[[LCD.PlayIcon]] $INFO[[Player.Time]]/$INFO[[Player.Duration]]</line>
  <line>$INFO[[MusicPlayer.Album]] ($INFO[[MusicPlayer.Year]])</line>

Will output on the display like this:

> 00:42/3:20
Gold Digger
Kanye West feat. Jamie Foxx
Late Registration (2005)

Please see Infolabels and Line Tags for more info on how Kodi processes the <line> items. The $LOCALIZE[[ID]] variable does a lookup in the Language File and displays the text corresponding to the [[ID]] on the LCD/VDF display.

LCD InfoLabels

In addition to normal InfoLabels, LCD InfoLabels display values without additional text. This helps configuration display more information in one line at the same time and to avoid scrolling of the specified line.

LCD InfolabelFunction


Displays the Play / Stop / Pause / FF / REW Icon


Displays a progress bar of the currently played item


Displays the CPU temperature value with no extra text


Displays the GPU temperature value with no extra text


Displays the HDD temperature value with no extra text


Displays the Fan Speed value with no extra text


Displays the current Date with no additional text


Displays the value for remaining free space on Drive (C/E/F/G) with no additional text

LCD.Time21, LCD.Time22

Displays the time in 2×1 sized characters

LCD.TimeWide21, LCD.TimeWide22

Displays the time in 2×2 sized characters

LCD.Time41, LCD.Time42, LCD.Time43, LCD.Time44

Displays the time in 4×3 sized characters

The LCD.Time InfoLabels can be displayed while Kodi is in screensaver mode or if the visualisation is started by the screensaver. In all other cases the play and progress icons are shown, which may give unexpected results.

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