Only nightly releases are available right now. Use at your own risks!
    Boards/STBs with less than 1GiB of RAM are not supported

Boards Supported

A64 based boards

    OrangePi Win
    Pine64 LTS
    Pine64 Plus

H3 based boards

    BananaPi M2+
    Beelink X2
    Libretech ALL-H3-CC (Tritium)
    NanoPi M1
    OrangePi 2
    OrangePi PC
    OrangePi PC plus
    OrangePi Plus/Plus 2
    OrangePi Plus 2E

H5 based boards

    OrangePi PC 2

H6 based boards

    Beelink GS1
    OrangePi 3
    OrangePi Lite 2
    OrangePi One Plus
    Pine H64
    Tanix TX6

R40 based boards

    BananaPi M2 Ultra
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