In 2015 the OpenELEC project team had a falling out with project founder @sraue over change management practices and maintenance of project infrastructure. Despite many months of talking and trying to resolve our differences, it became clear the founders vision for his hobby did not match everyone else's vision of being a project, and in March 2016 the codebase was forked and the "LibreELEC" project was born. The meaning of "Libre" in our name is "freedom" (to run the project as we like) not the Libre-software meaning, although the core project team are strong advocates for open-source code and we strive to manage the project along open-source principles.

Since we are ourselves a fork, the project team have always encouraged others to fork and (re)use our codebase as this helps to shake out issues in our build-system, and over time increases the number of people who contribute changes to it.

The following are known forks of our codebase:


Lakka (Libretro)

Retro Gaming



Retro Gaming



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