LibreELEC builds and hosts a number of Kodi binary add-ons to extend functionality, e.g.

  • Audio Encoders

  • Audio Decoders

  • Image Decoders

  • Inputstream parsers

  • PVR clients

  • Screensavers

  • Virtual Filesystems

  • Visualisations

We also provide a range of program/service add-ons, including:

  • .net Core Runtime

  • Adafruit Libraries

  • BTRFS Tools

  • DVB Tools

  • FFmpeg Tools

  • Game Tools

  • JRE for BD-J menus

  • Multimedia Tools

  • Network Tools

  • Raspberry Pi Tools

  • System Tools

  • VDR Configuration

"Tools" add-ons bundle multiple binaries into a single add-on with a themed purpose to reduce repo maintenance. Look in the Kodi GUI and the info panel will tell you the list of binaries in each bundle.

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