Build Commands LE 9.2.x

Amlogic images based on the legacy Linux 3.14 kernel were dropped for this release, with development shifting to the mainline Linux kernel.


Allwinner A64

PROJECT=Allwinner ARCH=arm DEVICE=A64 make image

Allwinner H3

PROJECT=Allwinner ARCH=arm DEVICE=H3 make image

Allwinner H6

PROJECT=Allwinner ARCH=arm DEVICE=H6 make image

Generic Intel/AMD x86_64

PROJECT=Generic ARCH=x86_64 make image

Raspberry Pi 0/1

PROJECT=RPi ARCH=arm DEVICE=RPi make image

Raspberry Pi 2/3

PROJECT=RPi ARCH=arm DEVICE=RPi2 make image

Raspberry Pi 4

PROJECT=RPi ARCH=arm DEVICE=RPi4 make image

Rockchip MiQi

PROJECT=Rockchip ARCH=arm DEVICE=MiQi make image

Rockchip RK3328

PROJECT=Rockchip ARCH=arm DEVICE=RK3328 make image

Rockchip RK3399

PROJECT=Rockchip ARCH=arm DEVICE=RK3399 make image

Rockchip Tinkerboard/S

PROJECT=Rockchip ARCH=arm DEVICE=Tinkerboard make image


To improve Jenkins/CI automation with ARM SoC projects that support multiple $DEVICE types make image will iterate through all board/u-boot configurations for the device defined in scripts/uboot_helper resulting in ~3-10 images in the target folder. To avoid this behaviour and build a single board-specific image UBOOT_SYSTEM=<board> can be appended to the build command, e.g. to build an Amlogic image for a LibreComputer LePotato board:

PROJECT=Amlogic ARCH=arm DEVICE=AMLGX UBOOT_SYSTEM=lepotato make image

Several ARM SoC devices have a UBOOT_SYSTEM=box configuration which excludes u-boot and provides all device-trees, allowing the image to boot using the Android/BSP u-boot on eMMC/SPI.


Official releases were built using Ubuntu 18.04 LTS.

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