Q: Is LibreELEC for free?

Yes, it is !

Q: Which build do I need?

For any x86-64bit machine you will need the 'generic' builds. Please check our download page for further explanations.

Q: How can I access the box?

Q: What is the SSH login?

user: root password: libreelec

Q: How do I change the SSH password?

From 9.0.1 it is possible to change the password. This can be performed during initial setup, or via CLI using the passwd command. Instead of changing the password, there are two other options: a) You can enable/disable SSH easily within the Kodi GUI, so only enable it when really needed (by default it is disabled) and then disable it again when done, or b) Create and push an SSH public key to the box, then disable SSH password authentication in the settings add-on. If you're going to use SSH regularly the second option is best as SSH keys offer much better protection than passwords.

Q: What is the difference between LibreELEC and Kodi?

LibreELEC is a small Linux-distro. Kodi is a media center software running on that distro.

Q: How am I able to help?

In any way you want. You are able to contribute code, make donations, give support at forums/IRC or make documentations at our Wiki.

Q: Am I allowed to sell hardware with LibreELEC pre-installed?

Yes, you are. But contact us before, please.

Q: How can I compile LibreELEC myself?

Q: Will you support RAID?

LibreELEC will not support RAID, either hardware or software configurations, as it is considered out of scope for this project. Consider a NAS.

Q: Can I request specific hardware support?

Yes. But you have to assist us. Create a forum post, answer specific questions promptly. Developer time is rare.

Q: Is there a Raspberry Pi FAQ?

Yes, there is: Raspberry_Pi_FAQ

Q: Is it possible to dual boot?

Yes, it is. But it´s not supported. See: “Link to 'How-To:dual-boot'-Wiki”

Q: Am I able to suspend my HTPC while using a Live-session

No. While using LibreELEC in a Live-Session you can't.

Q: Can I request a feature?

Sure. Please create a thread at our Feature Request Sub-Forum

Q: Can I play Blu-ray discs?

Possibly. There are both legal and technical roadblocks with this feature: Blu-ray

Q: Where am I able to get support?

Support is given at our Forums or at our IRC channel at Freenode via https://webchat.freenode.net/?channels=libreelec .

Q: How do I create a logfile?

Q: Can I contribute a mirror server?

See: Mirrors