Update LibreELEC

If, for any reason, the built-in auto-update doesn't work, there are several others ways for updating LibreELEC manually.

You are able to easily update your machine to a newer version using LibreELEC'​s Settings addon GUI via its “​Update Channels”​. ​ As shown in the video below, just select a specific channel and pick the version you want to install. Wait until the download has finished, LibreELEC will reboot and upgrade automatically after that and finalize the upgrade/​downgrade.

For manually updating LibreELEC, there are use two files types (*.tar and *.img.gz) available. You can update LibreELEC with either file, the .img.gz file just happens to contain the full diskimage. First check LibreELEC.tv for the newest updates. Compare the version numbers with the one in your System Information to be sure there is a newer version available.

For updating LibreELEC using the Samba shares, you have to download the correct file to your actual machine first, and copy it to the update folder on your LibreELEC machine.

Open up a file browser and access the Samba shares as explained here: Samba shares

Now drag&drop (or copy/paste) the file to the “update” folder:

After that is done, just reboot your machine. The update process will start after that by unpacking and installing the update, followed by a another reboot. Now, your htpc has been updated.

For updating LibreELEC while using the command line interface, you have to SSH in.

After you are in, move to the correct folder.

cd /storage/.update

First you may want to check whether there's any other files in this folder:

ls -la

Now, after we are at the correct folder (and there are no other files in it) we download the specific file directly to our LibreELEC machine:

Note: Check out LibreELEC.tv Download for releases and Preview Builds to copy/paste the .img.gz links.

For example:

wget http://releases.libreelec.tv/LibreELEC-RPi2.arm-9.0.2.img.gz

Note: The above is only an example. The filename will change over time when new builds are released.

When the download is done, type the following to restart your machine:


The update process will resume after that, following by a another reboot. Now the update process will be complete. ;)

Migration from OpenELEC to LibreELEC

If you want to use LibreELEC and have an OpenELEC installation, migration is as simple as updating an existing LibreELEC machine.

There is a possibility however, that migration from OpenELEC to LibreELEC will not work because of a smaller sized system partition in OpenELEC. In that case, make a backup of your OpenELEC setup using the internal Backup option. Then install a fresh copy of LibreELEC onto your (new) SD card and restore the previously made backup afterwards.

Then install a fresh copy of LibreELEC onto your (new) SD card and restore the previously made backup afterwards.

In other cases, just download the “Manual update from OpenELEC (.tar)” file from the bottom of our download page: https://libreelec.tv/downloads_new and place that at the “update” folder like explained in the steps above, or in the vide$