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 HardKernel Odroid C2 HardKernel Odroid C2
-  PROJECT=Amlogic ​DEVICE=Odroid_C2 ARCH=arm+  PROJECT=Amlogic_Legacy ​DEVICE=Odroid_C2 ARCH=arm
 LePotato LePotato
-  PROJECT=Amlogic ​DEVICE=LePotato ARCH=arm+  PROJECT=Amlogic_Legacy ​DEVICE=LePotato ARCH=arm
 S905 S905
-  PROJECT=Amlogic ​DEVICE=S905 ARCH=arm+  PROJECT=Amlogic_Legacy ​DEVICE=S905 ARCH=arm
 S912 S912
-  PROJECT=Amlogic ​DEVICE=S912 ARCH=arm+  PROJECT=Amlogic_Legacy ​DEVICE=S912 ARCH=arm
 WeTek Hub WeTek Hub
-  PROJECT=Amlogic ​DEVICE=WeTek_Hub ARCH=arm+  PROJECT=Amlogic_Legacy ​DEVICE=WeTek_Hub ARCH=arm
 WeTek Play 2 WeTek Play 2
-  PROJECT=Amlogic ​DEVICE=WeTek_Play_2 ​ARCH=arm +  PROJECT=Amlogic_Legacy ​DEVICE=WeTek_Play_2 ARCH=arm
- +
-WeTek Play +
-  PROJECT=WeTek_Play ARCH=arm +
- +
-WeTek Core +
-  PROJECT=WeTek_Core ​ARCH=arm+
 Rockchip RK3328 Rockchip RK3328