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Logfiles are always the most interesting part if you run into any issues. So if you are asking for support or try to fix the problem for yourself, you mostly will need to take a look at those files or share them at forums and/or IRC.

We have several ways how to get the logfile. Please take a look at the explanations below and choose the way you prefer.


Nearly everything can be done via SSH. Getting the logfile is a single command. So...

SSH into your LibreELEC machine and enter the following command:

pastebinit /storage/.kodi/temp/kodi.log

You will get an URL back. That will look like this:

Logfile putty.PNG

Copy and paste that link to a browser you like to view the file yourself or provide it at our IRC channel or at forums.

As LibreELEC shares some interesting folders via SMB by default, we are able to get the logfile in this way, too.

Access the Samba share and look for the "Logfile" folder:

Log smb win.PNG

Enter this folder and you will find a couple of *.zip files. Take the newest one and open it:

Log smb win4.PNG

Inside this zip file are a bunch of other files. We only need the "KODI.log" file:

Log smb win3.PNG

Extract that file and open it with an editor you like to view the content. If you want to share the content at forums or IRC, please copy and paste the full content for example to: and share the link to it.

Getting the logfile via Kodis GUI is the easiest way for most users...

Installing the Kodi Log Uploader Add-on:

Go to Settings -> Add-ons -> Install from repository -> Program Add-ons -> Kodi Log Uploader and click Install

Configuring the Add-on

We have to configure our Add-on first. Otherwise no E-Mail will be sent. So....

Go to Settings -> Add-ons -> My Add-ons -> Program Add-ons -> Kodi Log Uploader and click Configure

Now enter your E-Mail address at the specific place and click on OK

Using the Add-on:

Switch back to the 'Home' menu and then go to Programms and hit Kodi Log Uploader.

You will be asked if you want to upload the kodi.log and your E-Mail address will be mentioned to. So you are able to check before one more time.

Click on yes and you will shortly receive an E-Mail with the kodi.log as an attachment.